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About the Center

Serving writers, readers, and the literary community.

Established in 2003 with a gift from the Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust, the Virginia G. Piper Center for Creative Writing is a non-academic university center promoting literature and creative writing in the larger community. We offer readings, talks, classes, workshops, and other literary programs and resources for creative writers, readers, and the public good. While other university centers focus on serving students or faculty, the Piper Center is focused on serving the larger community.

Our Mission

The Center aspires to:

  • build connections among readers, writers, and others, across multiple disciplines and fields of interest
  • offer a variety of educational opportunities to support writers in every stage of their development
  • foster a thriving creative and literary community, and transform the Valley’s cultural environment
  • become the driving force for a dynamic and entrepreneurial creative environment that will enrich Arizona and the entire Southwest
  • encourage cultural and artistic exchanges with international communities
  • promote the value that art is integral to all our lives, and make it accessible both within and beyond our community of writers

Our Programs

To achive this, we offer a wide variety of literary events and programs, including:

The Creative Writing Program at Arizona State University

While the Piper Center works closely with the Creative Writing Program at Arizona State University by offering various educational opportunities and other forms of support to faculty and students, the Piper Center is a separate unit from the Creative Writing Program.

To learn more about our student programs and services, you can visit our page about the Creative Writing Program.

If you have questions about for-credit classes, degree programs, or other matters of academic enrollment, you can visit the Creative Writing website or contact Creative Writing Program Manager Justin Petropoulos at