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Meet Your Literary Community

Cancelled due to COVID-19

There's more growing in the Valley than fruits and vegetables. Founded in partnership with the Downtown Phoenix Farmers Market in 2018, Meet Your Literary Community is a pop-up literary festival for writers, readers, family and friends, showcasing over 50 local authors, publishers, and community organizations from all across the Valley. 

In addition to learning more about all of the literary arts and culture taking place across the Phoenix Metro, community members can participate in writing groups, book exchanges, and other literary activities. 

Please note: in order to protect the health of our community, this year's Meet Your Community has been cancelled. More information about next year's Meet Your Community will be announced soon.

In the meantime, you can meet past exhibitors or view past activities

Interested in exhibiting? Applications are easy. Space is free. Learn more about exhibiting at Meet Your Community today!