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Conference Scholarships

Each year, the Virginia G. Piper Center for Creative Writing offers a number of scholarship opportunities for the Desert Nights, Rising Stars Writers Conference:

All scholarships cover the full cost of conference tuition. Applications generally consist of answering a few short questions about the conference's personal, creative, and professional impact. Multiple applications are accepted. Deadlines vary.

To learn more about scholarships, click the links above or use the side menu to visit each page. You can also contact Dana Tribke at

To learn more about the conference, you can meet our faculty or view this year's schedule.

External Scholarship Opportunities

Beyond our scholarships, the Piper Center also partners with other departments, schools, and organizations to offer sponsored scholarships from various institutions, including the Barrett Honors College, the Office of Veterans and Military Affairs, the creative writing program at Arizona State University, and the Maricopa Community College System. 

Many individuals may also have access to professional development funds through educational institutions, local or state arts agencies, or their places of work.

If you are interested in sponsoring a scholarship, you can visit our sponsorships page or contact Assistant Director Dana Tribke at 480.965.1243 or 

If you are interested in applying for sponsored scholarship opportunities, please contact the creative writing coordinator or administrator at your respective institution.