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Welcoming the 2019 Desert Nights Fellows

In our inaugural year, the Virginia G. Piper Center for Creative Writing proudly presents the 2019 Desert Nights Fellows!

Fellows were selected from an extremely competitive pool of writers, published authors, educators, and artists from all over North America. Each individual brings unique ideas, backgrounds, and areas of interest. The work, artistry, and teaching topics of these individuals adds to the dynamic and complex conversations and craft-building techniques spanning the creative writing world today.

Our 2019 Desert Nights Fellows are Jabari Jawan Allen, María Luisa Arroyo, Leah Bailly, Susanne Brent, Briyana D. Clarel, Mike Conklin, Yohanca Delgado, Kelly deVos, Anna Flores, Sarah Rafael García, Joseph Han, Halee Kirkwood, Yi Shun Lai, Sarah Leamy, Laura Maher, Jane Marcellushaydée (hr) souffrant, Rashaad Thomas, Malik Toms, and Kirk Wisland.

We're honored to welcome these extraordinary individuals to our Desert Nights family. We cannot wait to learn from each and everyone one of them this upcoming February, and hope you'll join us for this new chapter in our conference history.

To meet our fellows, select a name from the side menu or view the list below. You can also meet our faculty or view this year's conference schedule.

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