The Virginia G. Piper
Center for Creative Writing

Photograph of Desert Nights, Rising Stars Fellows with sky in background

From left: 2019 Desert Nights, Rising Stars Fellows Sarah Rafael García, Halee Kirkwood, and Jabari Jawan Allen. Photographs by Kevin S Moul.

Conference Fellows

Access and opportunity for the writing community

Each year, the Piper Center offers a number of fellowships for individuals to present craft talks, workshops, and other conference sessions alongside nationally-recognized faculty.

Fellows are selected from an extremely competitive pool of writers, published authors, educators, and artists from all over North America. Each individual brings unique ideas, backgrounds, and areas of interest. The work, artistry, and teaching topics of these individuals adds to the dynamic and complex conversations and craft-building techniques spanning the creative writing world today.

This year's fellows are Tamara Al-Qaisi-Coleman, Raluca Balasa, Daniel Barton, Timothy Braun, Nicholas Bredie, Sarah Beth Childers, Lisa Crayton, Alexis David, Leandro Fefer, Piotr Florczyk, Emily Forney, Cooper Gillespie, Cameron Gorman, Kyla Hanington, Heather Harris, patricia hartland, Seelai Karzai, Laura Kiechle, Chels Knorr, Kateri Kramer, Jeffrey Kronenfeld, Meg Kuyatt, Sarah Leamy, Jerico Lenk, Katherine Lim, Dahlma Llanos-Figueroa, Christy Lorio, Charles Malone, Ashley Naftule, Shaina Nez, Justin Noga, Karen Odden, Tom Provost, Alana Saab, José Eduardo Sánchez, Shaun Sanders, Federica Santini, Jaime Stickle, Carol Test, Lyzette Wanzer, Emily Woodworth, and Charlotte Wyatt. 

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