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Photograph of Suzy Carruth Kuperschmidt

Suzy Carruth Kuperschmidt

KJZZ StoryFest Author 2019

About Suzy Carruth Kuperschmidt

Suzy Carruth Kuperschmidt is not the 'typical' author. She is a local author, albeit her book was written 50+ years ago.  Ramblings of a Third Grader originated in 1964 from her notebooks in 3rd grade where she attended Marian Manor Elementary. Those notebooks traveled from El Paso to Bountiful, Utah to Omaha, Nebraska and finally re-emerged in Phoenix, Arizona where they were found in an old moving box. The short stories and illustrations were complied into a hardbound book and launched on Kickstarter, where after a successful campaign, the book was published. The illustrator on this book, Eric Warren, won an Emmy nod for his work on the FXX animated show, Archer.