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Stella Pope Duarte

Piper Writers Studio Instructor 2019

About Stella Pope Duarte

Inspired to become a writer by a prophetic dream of her father in 1995, acclaimed author, activist and educator, Stella Pope Duarte, is named by critics as a “major, literary voice in America.” She is described as a “magical weaver with a sure hand and a pure heart,” and recognized as an “author who will enlarge humanity.” Her most current work is a biography entitled: Raul H. Yzaguirre: Seated at the Table of Power, which won the “Best Biography in English,” at the 2017 International Latino Book Awards in Los Angeles. Her many awards include, a 2009 American Book Award, Southwest Book of the Year Award, Arizona Book of the Year Award, and a Book Sense 76 Selection. She teaches creative writing at colleges and community centers, and is often a speaker and keynote presenter at writing conferences nationwide.

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Date: Saturday, June 15, 2019, 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Type: Workshop, Generative Workshop
Genre: Human Rights, Mixed Genre, Research, Social Justice, Social Practice, Therapeutic Practice, Women's Studies

When confronting a tragedy, we might ask ourselves several questions: What is going on over there? How can this be happening? Why doesn't someone do something? These are questions often asked by writers who look at society with an eye for tackling tough issues and standing up for what is right. In this course, writers will explore society’s dark side.

More About Stella Pope Duarte

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I have always loved literature, and have been a storyteller and reader since I was a child, but I never thought I would ever publish a book. As a child, I "forced" my cousins and little nieces and nephews to perform the stories I told with the promise of treats. I have been an educator all my life, teaching in elementary schools, and eventually college and university. Also, I was a school counselor for high school students, and have found working with students very inspiring.

Duarte, Stella Pope. "Time on our side." Latino Perspectives, August 2, 2010. 

On August 29, 1970, once again, in the sweltering heat, men, women, children, nanas and tatas marched, searching for a place to rest, searching for a new identity in America. Over 30,000 joined in the march that day, thousands wearing black t-shirts, a sign of mourning, proudly displaying a picture of la Virgen de Guadalupe-Tonantzín, the regal Mexica princess, or the word Chicano in white letters. A huge banner announced to all: peace moratorium, August 29, 1970. It was the greatest protest in the history of the Chicano nation against the Vietnam War.

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Duarte describes her work as, “A great man’s life told.” She was approached in 2010 by Yzaguirre to do a project in Texas, which consisted of a series of interviews. “It was at that point that the idea for the biography came up,” she says. After that, Duarte conducted over 40 interviews and several trips to be able to write a comprehensive story. “Weaving the life of a man with the iconic stature of Raul Yzaguirre was a formidable task,” she says. Her challenge was to “get it right. Doing justice to Raul’s life.”