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Photograph of Sherry Engler

Sherry Engler

KJZZ StoryFest Author 2019

About Sherry Engler

Sherry E Engler is the author of Living with LEO: Law Enforcement Officer; Daisy Doo! Daisy Doo? What? Who? and Holden’s Magical Blue MarbleNot only did she author Daisy Doo! Daisy Doo? What? Who? and Holden’s Magical Blue Marble, she illustrated them too.  Sherry attended the University of Arizona and received a diploma from the Institute of Children’s Literature.  She also received a diploma in Master Art from the International Correspondence School. 

Inspired by her passion for writing, she wrote Living with LEO: Law Enforcement Officer, a book where she light heartedly shares her observations of family life with law enforcement officers in hopes of helping the law enforcement supporter.  Don, her husband, currently serves as Police Chief in Payson, Arizona.  Sherry has been a law enforcement supporter, spanning Don’s career, for over 30 years of service.  Sherry’s daughter and son are also law enforcement officers, both serving as deputy sheriffs.  As the wife of one law enforcement officer and the mother of two, Sherry Engler knows firsthand the many challenges the law enforcement profession may have on family life, which she shares in Living with LEO: Law Enforcement Officer.

Daisy Doo! Daisy Doo? What? Who? is a delightful fable, written and illustrated by Sherry for preschool age, promoting self-esteem and self-reliance as a green caterpillar, Daisy Doo, searches for her identity. Her latest release, Holden’s Magical Blue Marble, is a chapter book for children and teens who like magical mysteries.  Follow Holden’s adventures as he finds a magical blue marble which once belonged to Witch Zelma, exiled from the town of Splendor in the 1700’s, and how wishing for good things make good things happen.

Sherry currently resides in Payson, Arizona with her husband Don.  She is a member of the Raconteurs of Payson and writes articles for GYMOAZ (Get Your Mountain On Arizona).