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Photograph of Sandra Miller

Sandra Cavallo Miller

Piper Writers Studio Showcase 2020

About Sandra Cavallo Miller

Sandra Cavallo Miller is a retired academic family physician whose unlikely path to medicine included an undergraduate degree in creative writing . . . a very long time ago. Her poetry and essays have been published in JAMA: A Piece of My Mind; PULSE, Voices from the Heart of Medicine; Embark; and Under the Sun, among others. Now she writes novels about women physicians, a subject surprisingly lacking in fiction outside of crime scene stories. She calls her mixed genre "science-based medical adventure," and her trilogy about a young physician at the Grand Canyon Clinic is being published by the University of Nevada Press. When not writing, you might find her hiking with a dog or riding a horse, playing piano badly, or under a tree studying her favorite hobby, volcanology. (Hint: beware Mt. Rainier)