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Ramon Zarate

A New Way to YA Panelist 2021

About Ramon Zarate

Ramon Geovanni Zarate Orozco is a proud alumni of Mesa High (class of 2019)! Ramon was introduced to Aliento by his counselor at Mesa Community College. There he found a place he could fit in and find assistance. Aliento holds Art and Healing workshops, an open space where participants gather together in order to create art and find the value inside, all while healing through the process! Ramon shines in the Open Mic Sessions, where he shares raps. Ramon loves to incorporate music into his talks (rhythm, flow, and a nice tempo). He raps about his experiences as an undocumented student throughout k-12 and his worries about the future. At Aliento open mics, Ramon can let it out and be together with people who have had the same experience. Ramon is 20 years old and still wondering what the future will hold. He’d like to give a big shout out to Deya, his first friend in Aliento who really showed him around! And a huge shout out to The Whole Crew who stays on top of everything and does it all with a caring and true heart.