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Nathalie Guevara

Nathalie Guevara

Creative Justice Youth Symposium Speaker 2020

About Nathalie Guevara

Nathalie Guevara Martinez was born and raised in Phoenix, AZ after her parents immigrated from Mexico. She recently received her Bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience from Pomona College and is also very passionate about the arts. In her studies, she explored the intersection of science and the arts by looking at how our brain responds and heals through art, specifically how music affects the brain, accesses memories, and creates a tool for learning and recovery in Autism Spectrum Disorders. Throughout her time in college, she was a student activist supporting several organizations that focused on language barriers in the healthcare industry, arts accessibility in low-income communities, and coalitions that worked on keeping undocumented families together. In her free time, she likes dancing and going to karaoke (even though she isn’t the best at either, but as Aliento says “courage over talent”). She hopes to continue exploring healing through the arts in her communities here in Arizona and increasing accessibility to these spaces and methods.

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