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Nancy Tossell

KJZZ StoryFest Author 2019

About Nancy Tossell

Nancy Tossell has a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Medical Technology. After eleven years in the diagnostic industry, she switched to financials to sell investments, insurance…and assist people with daily financial management.

In 2013 she took classes at the American Writer’s Artists Inc. and started writing content for Jeanette’s web site in 2014. Seeing the potential impact Design for Aging could have on the boom in retirees, she and Jeanette collaborated on “Design Your Retirement Lifestyle” to help the wave of retiring Boomers live in the homes of their choice for as long as possible.

Nancy has been interviewed on SKY7 internet radio station and both Nancy and Jeanette recorded an interview with Andrea Pasquale at Sun Sounds of Arizona ( in Tempe.

Along with additional content to Jeanette’s website, you can find more information about Design for Aging on two Face book pages - Design for a life span  and Copywriting by Tossell. They also write about senior home design on Instagram , LinkedIn, and will teach classes at New Frontiers this fall. Both hope to contribute to Goal 2028, a movement started by the Living In Place Institute, which aims to reduce older adult falls by 50% by the year 2028.