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Lisa Bowden

Piper Writers Studio Instructor 2020

About Lisa Bowden

Lisa Bowden is the co-founder and Executive Director of Kore Press Institute (Kore Press), who has developed Kore’s 26-years long list of titles and award-winning community engagement programming as an activist, advocate, writer, editor, and intersectional feminist culture worker dedicated to healthier and more just communities for all.  She is a recipient of the University of Arizona English Department 2018 Alumni of the Year Award, Maryann Campau Fellowship for poetry from the University of Arizona Poetry Center, and a Woman on the Move Award from the YWCA.  Lisa implemented the first Big Read grant (from the National Endowment for the Arts) in Southern Arizona to cultivate community cohesion through a city-wide, 40-partner literary project; is responsible for a city-wide, medical humanities project designed to engage cross sector, public dialogue about the link between cultural competency and health disparities through literature; and is the visionary for Kore’s Gender Diversity Initiative, which has recently been accepted into Live Well Arizona Incubator. Lisa is the editor of Autumnal: A Collection of Elegies, co-editor of Powder: Writing by Woman in Ranks, from Vietnam to Iraq, and co-adapter and director of Coming in Hot (a play based on Powder). A poet who has worked with an improvisational ensemble of dancers, writers, and musicians, Lisa studied English and Philosophy at the University of Arizona and in London. You can see more here: