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Photograph of Janice Lipsky

Janice Lipsky

KJZZ StoryFest Author 2019

About Janice Lipsky

Ms. Lipsky is a writer and marketer originally from New York who has been living in Scottsdale, Arizona for the past twelve years. In addition to her middle-grade novel “Woot!” she has written a screenplay and two sitcom spec scripts. During her twenty-year career as a marketer, Ms. Lipsky has written advertising copy, press releases, business/marketing plans, and brochures. Currently, she provides consulting and freelance services through her company, JLipsky Agency.

Ms. Lipsky holds a PhD degree in Social/Organizational Psychology from Temple University. She draws on her psychology background and insight into human behavior to inform her creative writing.  She loves nature, hiking, and taekwondo. She has four pigeons, three cats, and one husband.