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Photograph of TJ Boyer and Elizabeth Ajamie-Boyer

Elizabeth Ajamie-Boyer and TJ Boyer

KJZZ StoryFest Authors 2019

About Elizabeth Ajamie-Boyer and TJ Boyer

Elizabeth Ajamie-Boyer is from the Phoenix area for most of her life, and graduated from East High School, South Mountain Community College, and Arizona State University.  She is married to, and co-writes with, TJ Boyer, primary author of The Mirror Gate Chronicles series.  Elizabeth is a writer in her own right with a novelette called Memories of War, a historical fiction about the Underground Railroad and the Civil War and a soon to be published cookbook on Lebanese Cuisine.

TJ Boyer is best known for his Mirror Gate Chronicles, TJ Boyer has written several books in the Sci-Fantasy genre.  TJ Boyer is from Phoenix, AZ.  He is married to Elizabeth; they have two children and three grandchildren.  He has been writing and telling stories since he was in his teens.  He and Elizabeth co-write The Mirror Gate Chronicles series.