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Damon Begay

Piper Writers Studio Instructor 2021

About Damon Begay

Damon W. Begay (he/him) is a Navajo independent comic book artist. He grew up watching WB kid's cartoons every Saturday morning and was always playing Pokemon and begging for more Yu-Gi-Oh cards. His family did a lot more moving, from Shiprock to Window Rock. They ended up staying in Phoenix. He remembers being mad because he missed his friends and cousins. He found out that Phoenix had great comic book stores and public libraries with computers and comics. The city started to grow on him. In high school, he got into comics like Ultimate Spider-Man and Runaways. He liked comics about teens and Marvel did it best. When he was about 16 he started to like more indie comics like Teenagers From Mars, Too Much Coffee Man, and Box office poison. he loved the weird art and stories because they were not polished like Marvel or DC comic books.

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