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About Aliento

We are a community organization that is DACA, undocumented, and youth-led. We are directly impacted people and allies who are invested in the well being, emotional healing, and leadership development of those impacted by the inequalities of lacking an immigration status.

We envision youth and children having access to transformative experiences where they are co-create spaces of healing and are trained to become agents of change in their communities. Our hope at Aliento is to reshape the image of who immigrants are and shine a light on the unheard voices of our society.

We imagine a world where healing and reconciliation is the norm, a world where everyone’s humanity is at the core and is the driving force, where we seek collective problem-solving when harm is done.

At Aliento, we create community healing through art that leads to collective people power.  We create art that reflects the humanity of undocumented immigrants who have been criminalized by the harsh and unjust U.S. detention and deportation system.

Through community building spaces, leadership development, and art creation, we seek to shift the U.S. society away from the belief that punitive practices lead to justice and safety for our society.  

Through art we heal and build power to reimagine a community without a punitive system, where we create a healing and learning space instead of punishment and blame.