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Write Here, Write Now: Family as Prophecy with Anna Flores

Date(s): Tuesday, May 26, 2020, 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Genre and Form(s): Mixed Genre, Poetry
Cost: $5

About this Event

Need ideas to help you get started writing? Take a dip into our classes before you dive in! Presented in partnership with Phoenix College and Changing Hands Bookstore, Write Here, Write Now is a monthly pop-up workshop

This month: Family as Prophecy with Anna Flores

Writing about family is a sensitive issue, one we usually explore through private history or a personal lens. At the same time, our experiences are conditioned by social, political, and environmental forces. How does the family serve as a microcosm of larger events? Flores will guide participants through a variety of poetic devices and techniques in an attempt to tease out this phenomenon, showing how our families form part of a shared collective memory, and using these results to inform our futures.

Please note: given the spread of COVID-19, this workshop has moved online. If you have any questions, please contact Marketing and Outreach Specialist Jake Friedman at

About the Author

Desert Nights, Rising Stars Writers Conference Fellow 2019 Anna Flores

Anna Flores is a writer and actress born in the border town, Nogales, Arizona. She believes the fragmented, imagistic form of poetry is most like our inherent, human way of processing thought… and trauma. Flores was awarded a 2017 Swarthout Award for her poetry collection, “La Frontera” and is nominated for a 2018 Arizona Mayor’s Arts award for literary artist of the year. Her poems are featured in Write On Downtown Literary Journal, Arizona Republic Newspaper, Arizona’s Best Emerging Poets Anthology, and Shrew Literary Zine among others.