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Gunnar Anderson

Gunnar Anderson

Student Mentoring Program Mentee 2020

About Gunnar Anderson

Gunnar Anderson is an Arizona native born in Morehead City, North Carolina. He is a full time student at Arizona State University currently working towards a BA in English Creative Writing with a focus in both fiction and poetry. He lives at home with his girlfriend and their five dogs in Mesa, Arizona. Gunnar graduated with honors from Williams Field High School and initially went to ASU as an aerospace engineering student. Now he is following his lifelong passion as a writer with several works in progress. 

Meet Gunnar Anderson's Mentor

James Bennett

James Bennett is a second year fiction student in the MFA program at ASU. He lived and worked in Mozambique for three years as both a Peace Corps Volunteer and a Fulbright Researcher, experiences which profoundly influence his writing and thinking. He is originally from San Diego, California.