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Fostering creativity, connectivity, and professional growth.

The Creative Writing Mentoring Program at Arizona State University derives from the idea of students investing in the lives and success of other students. We don’t want you to go this journey alone. The students and their commitments to each other make this program thrive. 

The Mentoring Program would like to recognize and honor the dedication of the 2018-2019 mentors and mentees who gave their time, energy, and wisdom for each other and engaged in meaningful creative, professional, and personal relationships this past year. 

  • David Jospeh and Aeron Ogden
  • Elizabeth Charles and Addison Gallegos
  • Justin Noga and Benjamin Shahon
  • Kalani Pickhart and Brynn Kowalski
  • Maritza N. Estrada and Saidah Wilson
  • Tucker Leighty-Phillips and Humberto Chip Nieto

Thank you all for making space and time for mentees and mentors! Here’s to continued connections and life-long friendships! 

To learn more about our mentors and mentees, select a name from the list below. You can also learn more about our student mentoring program.

Meet our 2020 Mentors and Mentees