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Dana Hernandez

Communications Coordinator

About Dana Hernandez

Dana Hernandez (she/her) joined the Piper Center in November 2020. Her job at the center is to communicate the amazing, evolving work the programs team is doing–whether it be the annual Desert Nights conference, upcoming talks, salons, author events, workshops or innovations. She handles everything from the center's social media platforms, newsletters, website, branding, producing graphics and creating the annual report. Dana graduated with degrees in Communications and Journalism and Environmental Studies in 2017 from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota. She has solely been a public servant or worked for nonprofits before being hired at the center, and can only see herself working for organizations with missions she truly believe in. Dana enjoys working as a team to bring the Piper Center's mission to life by creating moments of individual, social and cultural significance around creative writing and contemporary literature. She has been very inspired by her co-workers passion for the arts, the center’s work to ensure accessibility and everyone’s focus on uplifting diverse voices.