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Policies & Expectations

Program Requirements

Your Novel Year® courses employ a PASS/FAIL system. Students must pass each course to remain in the program, and students are not allowed to skip courses. Admission to the Certificate program is provisional. After your first and second classes, a committee will review your work before granting permission to proceed.

Writing Expectations

It is expected that students will write at least 250 words/day while in the program. This is an intensive program, and the answer to the question, “What is the priority: assignments or writing?” is “Both.” We expect that students will spend at least 12-15 hours a week on course work. Do not apply to the program if your job will make it impossible for you to take part in this intensive, 12-month sequence.

In order to enter the first mentorship period with at least 100 pages of material, adhering to the 250 words/day policy is essential. The more you write, the more useful the mentorship period will be.


Weekly online participation in the course is expected. Participation and attendance are factored into your PASS/FAIL grade, and a lack of participation could result in removal from the program. Students may complete weekly assignments whenever they choose, so long as all assignments are completed on time. While there are no required online meeting times, the program includes office hours with teachers using Google Hangouts, and these meetings can be very useful in fostering a sense of community. Attendance at these hangouts is highly encouraged, as is frequent participation in the private Facebook page. The more you participate, the better your experience will be. 


A deferral may be required due to certain emergency or medical circumstances. These decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis by the program coordinator and director.

Honor Code

Students will submit original work.  Disruptive or hostile behavior may result in removal from the program and forfeiture of all tuition and fees paid.


After all coursework is completed, students will receive a certificate signed by the program director and coordinator.