Your Novel Year®


May I attend the Desert Nights, Rising Stars Writers Conference both years that I am in the program?

The program automatically includes discounts for both conferences that fall during a student’s time in the program. For each conference, Your Novel Year students receive $200 of the normal registration cost of $400.

Are there discounts for ASU Affiliates?

Yes! ASU Affiliates receive a discount on application and course fees. The application fee is just $25 and there is a 10% discounted rate for every course. 

Will my instructors give feedback consistently throughout the year, or will I only receive feedback from my mentors?

You will receive constant feedback from your various instructors, not just your mentors.

Are we taught by one teacher, or do different teachers conduct different workshops?

You will be taught by Your Novel Year program faculty for the workshops, and you will have two different mentors for the two mentoring periods, ensuring a range of feedback. You will may also register for an optional final read, should you wish feedback from an additional published author on your full manuscript.

How much access to the teachers will we have during the year?

You will have full access to core faculty throughout the year. Faculty members are readily available to answer questions, discuss writing, and read and critique parts of manuscripts.

Can I pick and choose which courses I take, or must I commit to them all?

Though they are priced individually, successful applicants must complete all courses sequentially to receive the certificate. It is not possible to take individual courses piecemeal. This is the reason why the spaces for the certificate are limited – it is a full year of writing in a small cohort of dedicated writers.

The certificate is designed as a comprehensive series of courses, each of which feeds into the next. Students experience the advantages of support and critique from a small cohort of consistent classmates, and this is the structure that the certificate in its entirety provides. It is designed to improve you as a writer, and to build a writing community of which you will become an integral part.

What costs should I expect if I decide to attend the Desert Nights, Rising Stars Writers Conference?

Hotels in the Tempe and Phoenix area range from $50/night to $200/night. Where there are evening receptions, these are catered and are included in the registration fee. For lunch, you may optionally purchase boxed lunches. However, if you decide not to purchase these, you will be responsible for making your own arrangements for lunch. 

Is room and board during the Desert Nights, Rising Stars Writers Conference included in the Your Novel Year?

No, it is not. The cost of the Your Novel Year program includes two separate $200 discounts toward the cost of conference registration only.

Are there any hotels in the area that you recommend?

The Residence Inn is where our faculty stay for the conference. It is within easy walking distance. There are also a few other hotels within walking distance, and many that are located near the free Orbit bus route to campus, or near Metro Light Rail stops.

Are there any scholarship awards available for the certificate?

The certificate offers scholarships, details of which can be found here.