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Nominate a Host

Have something you'd like to talk about? Know someone who does? Get Lit is a de-centered, community space for people to come together around through intentional, deliberate conversation. Nominate yourself or someone else to host Get Lit today!

There are no formal requirements. You do not need to have experience teaching, organizing, or similar qualifications. Anyone can host.

To nominate yourself or someone else to host, simply complete the nomination form below. Please note: the Piper Center cannot respond to individual nominations given the volume of submissions received. Nominees will be contacted on an individual basis if the Piper Center wishes to move forward. More information and full guidelines are available at 

If you are nominating yourself to host Get Lit, select the first option. If you are nominating someone else to host Get Lit, select the second option.
Use the space below to enter the full name of the individual you are nominating to host Get Lit
If you are friends or colleagues with the nominee and know them on a persona level, select the first option. If you have met or communicated with them several times before but are not close, select the second option. If you are only familiar with their work or have never met or talked with the nominee, select the third option.
Use the space below to tell us more about you know or do not know the nominee
Use the space below to tell us a little bit about the nominee and why they would make a good host for Get Lit, making sure to mention any teaching, writing, editing, publication, organizing, community work, or other relevant experiences.
Use the space below to tell us a little bit about yourself and why you'd like to host--why the topic would make for a good conversation, any particular experiences you may have that would be relevant to the role, etc.
Use the space below to tell us a few topics, questions, or other ideas you may be interested in exploring with Get Lit. Topics and ideas do not need to be finalized or formal. Please provide no more than three ideas. Selected hosts will confirm their topics one month before the event. For topic guidelines and past salons, visit our website at and
If you have been to previous Get Lit, select the "Yes" option below
If you're interested in volunteering or getting more involved with the Center, select the "Yes" option below and more information about volunteer opportunities will be sent to you via email.