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Photograph of Suzanne Steinberg

Suzanne Steinberg

Meet Your Literary Community 2019

About Suzanne Steinberg

Hello my name is Suzanne Steinberg! It is a great pleasure to meet you. Let me explain a little about my self. I am devoted to the fair treatment of all people and feel very connected to helping those with mental health hardships. I hope through art we can heal and grow together past all of our wounds and develop into the loving helpful people we were always meant to be.  Some of my previous works are displayed on a permanent basis at local mental hospital rehab facilities. I have monthly poetry readings and art sharings at The Garage Art Gallery, in my backyard. I run a local meetup. I have been involved in the O.C.D. Film Festivals and Arizona Writes. I have also written countless books, poems and zines. If you would like to purchase anything I have done, or come to any event I am putting on please feel free to contact me via email Thank you