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Connecting the creative writing community in Phoenix, AZ

Prounounced "Phoenix Lit Serve", the #PhxLitServ is a collective space for the creative writing community to connect and communicate as they work towards common goals.

To this end, the #PhxLitServ maintains event calendars, email lists, facebook groups, and other platforms for people to ask questions, coordinate programs, share resources, call meetings, or just get more involved in Phoenix's literary scene. 

Anybody can join. Membership is free.

To learn more about the Lit Serv, you can read the information below or join the #PhxLitServ.

About #PhxLitServ

Departing from the idea of a list serv—an electronic mailing list used to manage communications within various communities—#PhxLitServ is a marketing and outreach initiative from the Virginia G. Piper Center for Creative Writing at ASU that aims to further develop the local literary field.

While talks, classes, and other Piper events and programs serve individual writers, readers, and the larger community, the #PhxLitServ intends to serve anyone who is interested or already engaged in organizing literary events and programs themselves.

In this vein, the #PhxLitServ has three principle functions or goals:

  1. Administer and maintain centralized communication spaces and infrastructure like meetings, mailing lists, calendars, and other ways for individuals and organizations to stay connected and develop relationships with each other as they work towards larger goals:
  2. Engage in collective programming and publicity such as facebook groups, listings, directories, printed materials, and marketing campaigns that promote creative writing and literary arts across the Valley as a whole.
  3. Foster professional and organizational development through resource sharing, workshop facilitation, and more.

While specific agendas or other items of business are determined by members, potential uses of the space include:

  • Coordinating event dates and program schedules with other literary organizers and activities
  • Soliciting input or feedback on events, programs or operations
  • Sharing information, resources, or expertise
  • Exploring opportunities for potential partnerships, grants, or other large-scale programs and initiatives
  • Identifying issues or discussing topics that affect the larger community

Member Guidelines

#PhxLitServ is open to any individual or organization satisfying each of the following criteria:

  1. Programs: The individual or organization provides some kind of program, products, service, or other activity related to creative writing and contemporary literature broadly construed
  2. Location: Programs take place in or serve the larger Phoenix metropolitan area
  3. History: Programs have been in active operations for least six months prior to joining

Guidelines for programming are broad, inclusive, and open to interpretation. Examples of individuals or programs that qualify for #PhxLitServ include but are not limited to:

  • Moderators or hosts of local writing groups or meet ups
  • Organizers of open mics or featured reading series
  • Any individual working for or representing a publisher or small press
  • Producers of podcasts
  • Coordinators, marketers, directors, or other individuals working for or representing a non-profit organization
  • Owners or employees of local bookstores
  • Freelance editors, agents, and other literary or creative writing professionals
  • Individuals who teach creative writing classes at public schools, community colleges, universities, or independently
  • Individuals who administer or manage mailing lists, facebook groups, meetups, or other networks

Individuals or programs do not need to be professional in the sense of being a separate legal entity, generating revenue, or having paid staff members in order to join. All levels of organization or activity are welcome to join

Individuals or organizations do not need to be based in the Phoenix metropolitan area in order to join, so long as they have an active interest in working in Phoenix and satisfy all of the other criteria.

Additionally, programming does not need to be exclusively focused on creative writing or literature. Larger arts and culture organizations with any creative writing component or an active interest in developing creative writing program or other collaborations are also welcome to join.

Please note: while individual authors are welcome to join if they are teaching classes, running open mic series, or similar events, individual authors are ineligible solely in terms of having published work or being featured at readings. Individual authors must be creating some kind of community space to join. 

All genres and forms of creative writing and related fields are welcome to join. Examples include but are not limited to: poetry; fiction; creative nonfiction; journalism; memoir; novels; English; English literature; comparative literature; storytelling; stageplays and screenwriting; science fiction; romance; mystery and noir; travel writing; and so on. 

There are no costs to becoming a member. Membership is free.

Member Benefits

Beyond general camaraderie and developing relationships, members of #PhxLitServ gain access to any mailing lists, facebook groups, event calendars, or other assets and tools maintained by the #PhxLitServ.

Member Requirements

Membership in the #PhxLitServ is completely voluntary and at-will. Members are under no obligation to attend meetings, respond to emails, or otherwise participate in #PhxLitServ activities. Any member whose conduct is found to undermine, subvert, or otherwise conflict with the values of the group--respect, cooperation, service, and community--may be asked to leave. As host, the Virginia G. Piper Center for Creative Writing reserves the right to maintain a safe and accessible community space. 



Join the PhxLitServ Google Group

Thank you for your interest in joining the PhxLitServ Google Group! To join the group, simply complete the form below.

By completing this form, you consent to be added to the #PhxLitServ google group. The google group is a space for individuals to ask questions, share opportunities, or start other conversations. It is not a space to market or promote events. If you are looking for a space to market or promote events, visit the facebook group

 If you have any questions, please read the guidelines or contact Marketing and Outreach Specialist Jake Friedman at 480.727.0818 or Thank you again for your interest in #PhxLitServ, we look forward to connecting with you soon!

Use the space below to tell us about (a) how you participate in the creative writing or literary arts community in greater Phoenix, AZ, (b) anything specific you're hoping to accomplish or achieve by joining this group, and (c) anything else you may be interested in doing or think we should know.