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Good Words

Sharing literary events and accomplishments with our local community

Good word, n. 

1. In plural. a. Words which are pleasant, friendly, or kind.

2. An expression of approval, support, or esteem for a person or thing; spec. recommendation of a person to another's favour or for a job, position, etc. Frequently in to give good words, to put in a good word (for), to say a good word for (also about). (Oxford English Dictionary)

When it comes to literature, we love spreading the good word, especially when it serves our local community. Let us know if you're organizing an event, have recently received a publication, honor, or award, or have any other literary accomplishments or activities so we can share it on social media! 

To submit your event, publication, or other accomplishment to be shared by the Piper Center, simply complete the form below.

While we are open to all submissions, we are particularly interested in:

  • Publications, honors, awards, or other accomplishments from individuals or organizations connected with the Piper Center; and
  • Local literary or creative writing events that are open to the public and free.

Please note: submissions will not be responded to.  Submitting the form in no way guarantees a share. All submissions are subject to the Piper Center's approval. Sharing on social media is purely at the Piper Center's discretion. The Piper Center reserves all rights to edit, modify, or otherwise adjust copy or content as it sees fit. 

If you're sharing on your own facebook, instagram, or other social media platform, feel free to tag us at @pipercenter using the hashtag #goodwords.

If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email at

To find upcoming talks, readings, classes, workshops, or other literary events and programs around the Valley, visit our calendar.  

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