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Global Fellowship Application Instructions

2018 Global Fellowship Applications are due: Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017 by 11:59pm

There will be two types of global fellowship opportunities this year:

One or two Volunteer Extension Awards will also be available competitively to those who apply for them, and can be used to pay for registration fees for a chosen volunteer activity preceding or following the Global Fellowship period. 

You may apply for both Global Fellowship opportunities, but separate applications are required*, and only one fellowship may be awarded. Only students in their first or second year of the program are eligible to apply. 

Treat this process as a creative project proposal, and not a job application: you must convince the judges that your unique proposal deserves the fellowship award, rather than trying to meet a certain set of expected criteria.

Keep In Mind: There are not a predetermined number of fellowships; awards will be based strictly on merit.

*Note: Students applying for both a teaching and a residency fellowship must submit two separate and complete applications. The general application page and manuscript may remain the same for both applications, but two copies will be required. (Piper will not make extra copies for you.)

Application Instructions

  • Please submit all materials both electronically. Hard copies will not be required.
  • If applying for both fellowships, please submit 2 separate applications and include a copy of the Global Fellowship Application Form with each one.
  • Email files should be combined into a single document, titled “LastName FellowshipType.doc” (ex: “Smith Residency.doc” or “Smith Teaching.doc”), and submitted to Angie Dell at
  • Late applications will not be accepted.

Application Components

  1. Global Fellowship Application Form
  2. Fellowship Proposal: 2-page essay, single-spaced.
  3. Personal Statement: 1-page essay, single-spaced.
  4. Manuscript: 5 poems or 10-12 pages of fiction. Format professionally, with last name and page number as a footer on every page.

Global Application Instructions

Supplemental Materials

  1. Teaching Evaluation or Recommendation: Only for those applying to the Singapore Teaching Fellowship. This is the only component of the application that may be submitted separately after the deadline, if you note in your application why you require additional time and inform us of when we can expect your teaching evaluation.