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Get Lit Hosts

Local writers, professors, and other community members

Each month, Get Lit is hosted by a local writer, professor, or other member of the community, who speaks for three to five minutes on a topic of their choice before opening the conversation up to the room. 

To meet this month's host, keep reading. You can also meet past hostsview this month's salon, or learn more about Get Lit

Have something you'd like to talk about? Know someone who does? Anybody can be a host. Nominate yourself or someone else to host today!

This Month's Host

Photograph of Andrew Hudson

Andrew Dana Hudson is a speculative fiction writer and sustainability researcher. His stories have appeared in Slate Future Tense, Lightspeed Magazine, Vice Terraform, MIT Technology Review, Grist, Little Blue Marble, The New Accelerator, and more, as well as various books and anthologies. His nonfiction writing has appeared in Slate, among others. He is a member of the cursed 2020/2021 class of the Clarion Workshop.