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ASU Undergraduate Writer Showcase
Thursday, November 16, 2017 -
7:00pm to 8:30pm
Piper Writers House, 450 E Tyler Mall, Tempe, AZ 85281

Join the Virginia G. PIper Center for Creative Writing for a one-night showcase of poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction from the undergraduate creative writing community.

Megan Bromley, Sawyer Elms, Shannon Green, Katherine Martin, Jordyn Ochser, and Addison Rizer.

About the Author(s): 

Megan Bromley is a junior studying Creative Writing and Astrobiology. She is currently researching complex systems with Professors Manfred Laubichler and Sara Imari Walker, and is an intern for both Superstition Review (where she is poetry editor) and the Psyche Inspired program (where she writes poetry). You can also catch her as a piccolo player for the Sun Devil Marching Band.

My name is Sawyer Elms and I am a Senior Creative Writing: Fiction student at Arizona State University. I was born and raised in the backwaters of Arizona, and when I was young I played outside, didn't wear clothes, and often snuck horse feed from my grandpa's wheelbarrow. I speak of my childhood because it feels wrong to talk about where I am now if I don't acknowledge where I am from. I was the first Undergraduate Intern at the Virginia G. Piper Writer's Center for Creative Writing. I have been on the editorial board of several literary publications such as Write on Downtown and Marooned. In my free time, I listen closely to pinecones and tree leaves, straining to hear squirrel's secrets, and bird songs, long forgotten. In the future, I want to teach young adults how to healthily express themselves through art and promote lifelong learning. But ultimately, I hope that someday I can stop worrying about wanting to be a writer and just write.

Shannon Green is an English major and a Senior in the Creative Writing Program at ASU. She has been published in Lux Undergraduate Creative Review and Menagerie Magazine, and last year she received the Jane Shaw Jacobs Award for Fiction, presented to her by Mark Jacobs, Dean of the ASU Honors College. When she's not writing, she's either daydreaming about doing so or - more likely - staring at a blank screen waiting for inspiration to strike.

Katherine Martin: unhappy human. bad at being alive, but trying these days. hides in learning things and making things. can be found at:

Jordyn Ochser is a senior Creative Writing major and Film Studies minor at ASU. Her work has been previously published in Lux, the Undergraduate Creative Review. In her final year at ASU, she is working on her thesis, a collection of short stories that examine gender politics, cultural visibility, and lost-and-found personal identities. When she isn’t writing until two in the morning, you can find her sitting upside down on her couch reading about Dungeons and Dragons, the television industry, and feminism.

Addison Rizer is a current junior at Arizona State University majoring in English, working on a writing certificate. She is currently an Interview Editor for Superstition Review. She plans to pursue a career in editing.