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#PiperPoetryMonth Drop-In: The Craft of the Reading: Performance and Poetry with Sean Avery

Date(s): Tuesday, April 6, 2021, 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Phoenix MST
Community Event, Conversation, Discussion, Generative Workshop
Genre and Form(s): Multi-genre, Performance Poetry, Poetry, Writing Practice
Cost: Free

About this Event

Each week of Poetry Month the Piper Center will host a “Write-in” comprised of 30 minutes of discussion from a local poetry expert, and 60 minutes of writing time. 

This Week

A poetry reading is more than just the words that are said. It is an artform, curated to evoke a specific mood and experience. Sean Avery is adept at creating nuanced and artful shows that interweave poetry, music, and lyrics. Avery will discuss how to craft an impactful poetry performance.

About the Author

Sean Avery is a gamer and Hip-Hop nerd, who’s only wish in our world is to watch an unproblematic, Black sci-fi TV show. Until then, they toil as a Cultural Worker and Digital Organizer for the prison abolitionist people’s movement, Mass Liberation Arizona, while also creating rap, poetry, prose, and performance. Their work questions the limits of Black masculinity, media (mis)representation, and personal narrative.