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Shared Spaces

The Piper Center seeks to create a welcoming and safe space for all community members across all programs. We ask all individuals to be respectful of each others’ ideas, spaces, and learning. Unwelcomed, aggressive, or bullying behaviors will not be tolerated. If you experience such behavior, please contact a Piper Center staff member immediately. Together, we can create a climate that’s safe for all!


The Virginia G. Piper Center for Creative Writing is committed to ensuring that all individuals have fair and equal access to Piper Center events and programs.

All venues are accessible to individuals with mobility challenges, hearing loss, or other forms of disability.

ASL interpreting services, printed versions of presentations, large print handouts, translations, and alternative forms of materials for classes, workshops, or other programs are available with two to three weeks advance notice (upon request).

To request materials or contact the Center with any other questions or concerns, call the Center directly at 480.965.6018 or send us an email at