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Photograph of Elizabeth Martina Bishop

Elizabeth Martina Bishop

Desert Nights, Rising Stars Sponsor 2020, 2021

About Elizabeth Martina Bishop

Elizabeth Martina Bishop writes prose poems, prose, essays and short stories and is currently undergoing the acquisition of a second doctorate in women and spirituality at CIIS/San Francisco. She also blogs for, a religion and spirituality site. Previous to that, she acquired her third MFA at CIIS under the tutelage of Carolyn Cooke. She also appeared in the San Francisco Litquake in 2012. Bishop has her books on sale at and sells direct at various fairs around the country. Interested in developing poems for the stage and developing her skills as a playwright, she has produced seveal verse plays and monologues. In addition, she has published more than sixty collections of poetry. Please visit her website at to view a recent selection of her work as well as the “Poem a Day” selection.