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Photograph of Elliot Rose Winter

Elliot Rose Winter

Desert Nights, Rising Stars MFA Presenter 2019

About Elliot Rose Winter

Elliot Rose Winter is a queer, trans, nonbinary poet originally from New Jersey, currently living in Tempe, AZ. They are an MFA candidate at Arizona State University, and a recipient of a Fellowship from the Virginia G. Piper Center for Creative Writing. 

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Interrogating Empathy
Jabari Jawan Allen, Maritza N. Estrada, Joel Salcido, Elliot Rose Winter

Saturday, February 23, 2019, 1:45 p.m. - 2:45 p.m.
Location: Tooker, Old Main
Type: Panel
Genre: Community, Pedagogy, Poetry

Join four poets/ writers as they discuss the merits and shortcomings of the concept of empathy. These poets will focus on empathy as it functions in creative writing, pedagogy, performance, and currency to interrogate how these aspects affect othered bodies. How does the idea of empathy create a market for trauma? How are the performances of traumas used to placate the white gaze? Can there be new possibilities to describe and employ an empathy that is active and engaged in works, rather than the passive "feeling" of empathy that often functions only to benefit the empathizer?