The Desert Nights, Rising Stars
Writers Conference

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Lisa Crayton

Desert Nights, Rising Stars Fellow 2021

About Lisa Crayton

Lisa A. Crayton specializes in writing nonfiction and writes material for adults, children, and teens. A former corporate publication editor, she is an author, children’s book author (15) and co-author (6), award-winning freelance writer, sensitivity reader, and freelance editor and ghostwriter whose clients include authors and publishers. She is the author of two MG titles Juneteenth (Traditions & Celebrations) (2021) and Wangari Maathai: Get to Know the Woman Who Planted Trees to Bring Change. Her YA titles include: Beating Bullying as a Teen with a Disability, Everything You Need to Know About Cultural Appropriation, and Everything You Need to Know About Confronting Racist Behavior.