The Desert Nights, Rising Stars
Writers Conference

Photograph of Alana Saab

Alana Saab

Desert Nights, Rising Stars Fellow 2021

About Alana Saab

Alana Saab is a New-York-based writer and multimedia artist. She writes about profound relations of love, desperation and confusion: from one person to another, from the psyche to the body, from humans to a higher power. She is perplexed by the interplay of subconscious existence, the phenomenological mind, and the quantum interconnectedness of all things, but mostly she is interested in the way humans, through and within consciousness, relate to this ouroboros phenomena, this singular triptych experience of unknowingly consuming oneself: the bite of the mouth, the curve of the body, the uncontrollable fluttering of the tail. This theme exists subtly and sometimes overtly in her work which takes the shape of trans-autobiography, short stories, prose poetry, and screenplays. Her work can be found in The Minetta Review, Pank Magazine, Eleven and a Half Journal, and more.

While obtaining her Masters Degree in Psychology at Columbia University (‘19), Alana studied spiritual and transpersonal psychology. Her thesis focused on the power of writing in the psyche's transformative processes. Alana’s scientific research and personal creative practice inspired her to become a Transformative Writing Practitioner. In her offered workshops she helps attendees harness the power of writing to heal, thrive and create. Alana experiences her purpose most in working with survivors of domestic abuse, human trafficking and sexual assault through the non-profit “here, there and Everywhere” (htE).

Alana is currently an MFA candidate at The New School’s Creative Writing Program where she studies Fiction with a minor in Transmedia and Digital Storytelling. In addition to her writing career, she works as a brand voice consultant for various social good enterprises. In 2020, she co-founded Enlivenment, a multimedia production company.

A pyschonaut fascinated by the divine incorporeal, Alana studies with spiritual healers and lucid dreamers around the world. This work greatly inspires and often gives birth to her writing and collaborative projects. These days, Alana can be found at her desk in New York City surrounded by spider plants and sipping on hot honey water.