The Desert Nights, Rising Stars
Writers Conference

Eric Wertheimer

Eric Wertheimer

Desert Nights, Rising Stars Writers Conference Faculty 2017

About Eric Wertheimer

Eric Wertheimer writes cultural history and poetry, and works to implement the curricular and research possibilities of the digital humanities. He is currently Associate Dean for Graduate Initiatives and faculty director of ASU’s Digital Humanities Initiative.

Dr. Wertheimer is the author of Underwriting: The Poetics of Insurance in America, published by Stanford University Press and Imagined Empires: Incas, Aztecs, and the New World of American Literature, 1771-1876, (Cambridge University Press, 1998; paperback 2009). He has published articles on topics in early and nineteenth century American literature in American Literature, Early American Literature, Nineteenth Century Literature, The Canadian Review of American Studies, and Arizona Quarterly.

He is the founder and past Director of ASU's Center for Critical Inquiry and Cultural Studies and serves on the editorial board of Early American Literature; he is currently a member of the MLA Publications Committee.  He recently co-edited a volume of essays, Critical Trauma Studies:  Understanding Violence, Conflict and Memory in Everyday Life (NYU Press, 2016).  He is a co-PI on a Mellon Foundation sponsored grant, partnered with the MLA, called Connected Academics, and he is the PI on a Luce Foundation sponsored grant supporting American Studies in China. 

Professor Wertheimer has published poetry in Exquisite Corpse, Tupelo Quarterly, Perihelion, Diagram, Shampoo, Adirondack Review, Muse Apprentice Guild, among other journals. His book of poetry, Mylar, was published by blazeVOX Press in 2012.  Four Chambers Press is publishing his next book of poetry, Regulus, in Fall 2016.