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Tanline Printing

Desert Nights, Rising Stars Exhibitor 2020

About Tanline Printing

Tanline Printing is a Tucson-based print shop that creates unique handcrafted items using screenprinting, letterpress, risograph, and other techniques. Headed by co-owners Jeik Ficker and Amanda Beekhuizen, we are a community of artists working together, and we specialize in making unique printed clothing and paper goods. We believe in the power of printmaking and self-publishing. 

We do various things here in our shop and around the community:

  1. Custom printing

  2. Classes in screen printing, letterpress, and bookmaking

  3. Live printing at events

  4. Collaboration with artists to publish their work as prints and books

  5. Exhibiting works in our Tucson gallery space and retail store, Tiny Town Surplus