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Crossing the Line: Too Close For Comfort with Jennifer Spiegel

Saturday, October 14, 9:30 AM-12:30 PM
Piper Writers House, 450 E Tyler Mall, Tempe, AZ 85281
$59 Regular, $44 Student

About the Class

This three-hour class will look at writing about intimacy—that is, writing stories, scenes, and situations in which characters trespass upon or are trespassed upon by other characters. Personal space is somehow violated as candor becomes a kind of aesthetic. When is it appropriate to expose characters so intimately? What purpose might this serve? How is such intimacy created? What effect does it have on readers? In addition to looking at example passages, we'll spend some time on writing exercises. Authors discussed include Elena Ferrante, Philip Roth, J.D. Salinger, David Sedaris, and others.

Meet Your Instructor

Picture of Desert Nights, Rising Stars Writers Conference Exhibitor Jennifer Spiegel Bell
Jennifer Spiegel is a writer and professor. She is half of Snotty Literati, a book-reviewing gig, with Lara Smith. Love Slave is a NY novel full of acerbic and witty cultural critique and Gen X woe. The Freak Chronicles is a story collection with stories set in the U.S., South Africa, Cuba, China, and Russia. And So We Die, Having First Slept, a second novel, follows an unorthodox marriage involving Sappho, brain injury, and addiction. Currently, Spiegel is working on a memoir, Cancer, I'll Give You One Year: A Non-Informative Guide To Breast Cancer, or Cancer, I'll Give You One Year: How To Get Your Ba-Da-Bing Boobies On The House!