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Working together towards the larger good.

Partnering creates stronger programming, expands our communities, and increases coordination and cohesiveness within the larger field.

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Individuals or organizations who are interested in partnering with the Piper Center to produce literary events or programs can send us an email at

The Imagination and Climate Futures Initiative

What are the social responsibilities of arts and culture? What kinds of relationships can art have with science? How can stories and media influence political discourse and collective decision making? What do we do when the past can no longer serve as a reliable guide to the future?

In partnership with ASU's Center for Science and the Imagination, the Imagination and Climate Futures Initiative explores how our imagination--or lack thereof--shapes humanity’s responses to climate change and can work with science to pose potential solutions.

In addition to speaker events and other educational programs, the Climate Futures Initiative sponsors the Everything Change Climate Fiction Contest.

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