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Sally Kitch

About Sally Kitch

Sally L. Kitch is the founding Director of the Institute for Humanities Research and CLAS Humanities Professor of Women and Gender Studies at Arizona State University.  She came to ASU in 2006 from Ohio State University, where she served as Professor from 1992-2006, Department Chair of Women’s Studies from 1992-2000, and Vice Chair from 2004-2006.  Prof. Kitch specializes in feminist theory and epistemology, the intellectual history of gender and racial ideology, theories of transdisciplinarity, gender representation in visual and narrative culture, and the material effects of such representation on the lived realities of diverse women’s lives. Professor Kitch’s research focuses on gender and feminism through the analysis of a wide range of social and cultural narratives, including historical documents, political texts, and philosophical and religious treatises, in order to determine how such narratives construct gender ideology in different time periods and settings and how those constructions have been both enacted and resisted, especially through the development of feminist thought. She has published more than a score of refereed journal articles and book chapters, and three of her six books have won national prizes.