Turning Your Friends and Family into Fiction Without Them Hating You

with Eugenio Volpe Workshop Type: 4-Week, Fall, Fiction, Listed, Online
Length: 4-Week
Genre: Fiction
Type: Online
From: Thursday, 02 October 2014
To: Thursday, 30 October 2014

Author 6“Everyone has a book inside of them.” We’ve all heard the cliché, and like all clichés it narrowly misses the truth by miles. It’s both an oversimplification and understatement. Human beings have not one butnumerous stories inside of them. We’ve lived a few and averted dozens more. Of the many gifts a writer must possess, the ability to recognize a good story is perhaps most basic and paramount.

The “book” you’ve always imagined for yourself might not be the one worth printing. Maybe it’s the most obvious. Maybe you’ve got just the framework. You know what happens where and to whom, but that’s just the beginning.  What about the characters themselves, their idiosyncrasies and contradictions? Their ideals and the way those ideals either crumble or strengthen? The way they are either validated or refuted? Who are we? Who are our friends? Who are our parents? How have we interacted with them? What have they done/not done to us and vice versa? These are the hundreds of stories not lived in the physical world, but perhaps deserve life on a page.

This class will provide ways to shape your relationships and experiences with others into fiction. More so, how can you shape them into fiction without these people getting mad or hurting their feelings? You won’t be lying on the psychologist’s couch in this class. You will be the psychologist posing questions upon yourself, friends, and family. You won’t be analyzing them in person (although there will be exercises that involve interviewing people as inThis American Life). You’ll be doing so in the form of writing exercises and the crafting of stories. You’ll be taking a hard look at yourself and those around you, and then stealing what you find for the sake of your story.


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Author 6About Eugenio Volpe

Boston native Eugenio Volpe is author of The Message, an eBook published by Solstice Literary Magazine. His short stories have appeared in publications such as Salamander, New York Tyrant, Post Road, Superstition Review, Thought Catalog, and dozens more. He is a PEN Discovery Award winner and Pushcart nominee. Residing in Los Angeles, he and his wife Sara are expecting their first child. When not writing, he divides his time between hiking and surfing.      


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