“Meaning to Make them Laugh: a Poetry Workshop”

with Sharon Suzuki-Martinez Workshop Type: 2014, 4-Week, All Levels, In-Person, Poetry, Unlisted, Winter
Length: 4-Week
Genre: Poetry
Type: In-Person
Skill Level: This workshop is suitable for writers of all skill levels.
Location: Piper Writers House, ASU Tempe Campus» View Map
From: Wednesday, 15 January 2014
To: Wednesday, 05 February 2014

Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm

To misquote Wallace Stevens, Humor is a kind of poetry. Most people would never use humor and poetry in the same sentence unless discussing limericks. We won’t be discussing limericks in this class, but we will be reading and writing poems that accomplish the impossible by being simultaneously smart, heartbreaking, and funny. Funny, as in ha-ha LOL funny, or knowing-smile funny, and everything in-between. We will examine comic techniques like timing, absurdity, hyperbole, parody, irony, and the element of surprise. We will also read amazing work by poets like Billy Collins, James Tate, Matthea Harvey, and many others. Then, because inciting laughter is harder than it looks, we will try out play-friendly poetic forms through writing prompts designed to let us take a break from our serious selves, spark our imaginations, and calcify our funny bones.

Ever laughed at a poetry reading and wished you also had a poem or two to liven up your reading repertoire? Or perhaps you are a writer who naturally gravitates towards humor and want to expand your skills? Maybe you want to write and test out humorous poems in an impartial, but safe environment? Then take this class and love it.

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Sharon Suzuki-Martinez photoAbout Sharon Suzuki-Martinez

Sharon Suzuki-Martinez is the author of The Way of All Flux (2012), winner of the New Rivers Press MVP Poetry Prize. She received Pushcart and Best of the Web nominations, a grant from the Arizona Commission on the Arts, and writer fellowships from the Anderson Center for Interdisciplinary Studies and Kundiman. She grew up in Hawaii, earned a PhD in English from the University of Arizona, and now lives in Tempe where she runs the online music/literary journal, The Poet’s Playlist.

Notice: Sorry, but registration is now closed.

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