Poetry: Playing with Process: Writing through Constraints and Generative Engines

with Kristi Maxwell
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Workshop Type: 2015, 4-Week, All Levels, Online, Poetry, Spring, Unlisted
Length: 4-Week
Genre: Poetry
Type: Online
Skill Level: This workshop is suitable for writers of all skill levels.
Location: Online
From: Monday, 07 April 2014
To: Sunday, 04 May 2014

In this four-week class, participants will be introduced to a variety of “generative engines” and will use them to compose poems. Constraint- based and often formal in nature, generative engines are methods of composition that will, ideally, propel your writing forward into places you may or may not have anticipated it to go. For the purposes of the class, we will value discovery and play as agents of creative production, which is to say, participants will not only write, but, hopefully, have fun doing so! In addition to writing, we will read and discuss writing that uses generative engines, including poems by Joe Brainard, Carolyn Forché, Harryette Mullen, Christian Bök, Cathy Park Hong, Inger Christensen, and various Oulipo practitioners. This class is geared toward all levels of writers, from the experienced writer who wants to explore new compositional strategies or who is in a rut to new(er) writers who want to discover the breadth of compositional possibilities.

Participants may submit pieces for formal critique to the instructor and may request a critique of their work as part of the submission process each week; however, we will focus most on everyone’s experience of using the different constraints and engines and on each other’s experience of fellow participants’ pieces.

Notice: Sorry, but registration is now closed for this workshop.

Kristi Maxwell photoAbout Kristi Maxwell

Kristi Maxwell is the author of three books of poetry: Realm Sixty-four (Ahsahta Press, 2008), Hush Sessions (Saturnalia Books, 2009), and Re- (Ahsahta, 2011); she has two books forthcoming in 2014: That Our Eyes Be Rigged (Saturnalia) and PLAN/K (Gold Wake Press). Her research and scholarship revolves around poetic forms and textual bodies; her article “From No Body to Some Bodies: a Reading of Footnotes in Jenny Boully’s The Body and [one love affair]*” is forthcoming in Textual Practice, and her essay "The Unbearable Withness of Being: A Reading of Anne Carson's Plainwater" is forthcoming in Anne Carson: Ecstatic Lyre.  She is a lecturer in the Department of English at the University of Tennessee and an adjunct faculty member for National University’s MFA program. With Elizabeth Wright, she recently co-founded KnowHow, an emerging arts organization in Knoxville that seeks to empower youth through the arts.

Notice: Sorry, but registration is now closed for this workshop.