Piper Friends, Supporters, & Fellows

Why become a Piper Friend?

The Piper Center for Creative Writing is committed to fostering a vibrant and diverse literary community in Phoenix and beyond. The Center takes pride in supporting the next generation of literary leaders through programs such as Piper Writers Studio workshops, the Distinguished Visiting Writers Series, and the Desert Nights, Rising Stars Conference. By becoming a Piper Friend, you will contribute to our mission by helping to ensure financial support for our students and our community programs.

Piper Friends:

Piper Friends are the backbone of our writing community. For $75.00/year*, Piper Friends receive great benefits for their support, including:

  • Invitations to exclusive events!
  • Early announcements about upcoming guests, visiting writers, and new developments in programming as the year unfolds
  • Special discounts on PWS workshops and the Desert Nights, Rising Stars conference (10% discount)

Why not become more than just Friends?

The Piper Center offers a tiered structure of support, so those community members who want to give a little more can do so by becoming Piper Supporters or Piper Fellows. In recognition of that extra support, the Center is upping the ante in terms of the exclusive benefits our Piper Supporters and Fellows receive!

Piper Supporters:

The Orphan Master's Son - Adam Johnson

Adam Johson’s Pulitzer Prize winning novel, The Orphan Master’s Son.

Piper Supporters are the sponsors of our writing community. For $150.00/year*, Piper Supporters receive great benefits for their support, including ALL THE BENEFITS DESCRIBED ABOVE, as well as:

  • Invitations to exclusive events, including a Piper House reception with Pulitzer Prize winner Adam Johnson & New York Times Bestselling author Gail Tsukiyama!
  • A $50.00 scholarship to support an Emerging Writer or Local Teacher
  • Public acknowledgment of their donation on the Piper Center’s website
  • Exclusive invitations to private receptions for visiting authors

Piper Fellows:

A Hundred Flowers

Gail Tsukiyama’s novel, A Hundred Flowers.

Piper Fellows are the champions of our writing community. For any donation meeting or exceeding $300.00/year*, Piper Fellows receive our gratitude and great benefits for their support, including ALL THE BENEFITS DESCRIBED ABOVE, as well as:

  • Invitations to exclusive events, including the Piper House Open House (exclusive to Piper Fellows)!
  • A $150.00 scholarship to support an Emerging Writer or Local Teacher
  • And potentially more exclusive benefits to come…


This coming year’s benefits:

This year, in addition to the regular discount benefits:

  • Check back later for full details!

Ready to become a Piper Friend?

Are you ready to support the Piper Center and receive great discounts? Sign up now!

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* All funds will be deposited with the ASU Foundation for A New American University, a separate nonprofit organization that exists to support Arizona State University (ASU). Donations will be deposited in IFAS account #30002377. Gifts in support of ASU are subject to foundation policies and fees. Due to the fair market value of benefits provided, only membership payments in excess of fair market value may be considered a charitable contribution. Payments for workshops are not considered a charitable contribution. Please consult your tax advisor regarding the deductibility of charitable contributions.

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