Conference Parking

Situated in the historic heart of ASU’s Tempe Campus, the Virginia G. Piper Writers House is easily accessible by bike, car, or public transportation — there are bus routes to ASU’s campus, as well as the light rail. There are several parking garages around ASU’s campus, but the closet one to the conference is the Fulton parking garage located on S. College Avenue, near the intersection of University Drive. There are also parking meters located around the outskirts of campus. During the weekdays you must pay for parking, but on weekends it is free.

The Piper Writers House is just a short walk away from the Fulton Parking garage. Simply walk across University and slightly to the left of Old Main, following a path between Old Main and the University Club. The house is surrounded by small gardens and its entrance faces Tyler Mall, near the intersection of Palm Walk.

Registration will be held at the Piper Writers House on Thursday and Friday, but all other events for Desert Nights, Rising Stars will be held at either Old Main or the University Club. The Piper Writers House, Old Main, and the University Club are all situated closely together within ASU’s Historic District on the North side of campus.

Click HERE for more on-campus parking options. If you are staying at nearby hotels, we strongly encourage walking (if possible), using the free hotel shuttles, or free public transit to the campus. If you intend to drive each day, there are several pay-parking options nearby that will enable you to park for the entire day for between $7-10.

*Do not take chances – The City of Tempe and ASU Police/Parking Administration will ticket or tow cars at expired meters as well as cars that have been illegally parked. The Piper Center cannot reimburse guests/participants for parking ticket expenses.

Parking if You Have a Handicapped Parking Permit / Decal

Public parking is always free for the handicapped at the meters and in the parking lots and garages operated by the City of Tempe. Simply park your car and make sure your handicap sign is clearly visible for parking enforcement. Click HERE for information about disabled parking on the ASU campus.